About balloon flights Балонен клуб Аероакт


Your day will start very early in the morning. Hot air ballooning is practicing most often just after sunrise, when weather conditions are quiet and suitable/convenient for flight. But when exactly, it depends on the season and on the current conditions.




Once you are at the agreed meeting point, together we will go to the appropriate flying spot, where our team will start preparations for the take off. Hot air ballooning is a group activity and we encourage our passengers to help us in the crucifixion and filling the balloon.



Балонен клуб Аероакт Полети


Before takeoff the pilot makes pre-start briefing, explains basic details and gives safety instructions. After takeoff, the only thing required from you is to enjoy the moment and if you desire you can manage the balloon for a while.




Standard flight lasts about one hour, but may vary slightly, depending on the available landing spots and possible weather changes. For that time period will flit few kilometers (usually 5-10), how much, depends on the strength of the wind. When approach the landing time, once again you will receive quick safety instructions.

Балонен клуб Аероакт Балонизъм


During the flight, our supporting team follows the balloon and will be available after landing, to cheer a toast. We pack the equipment and transport you back. The whole experience it will take 3-4 hours and will be photo and video captured.