Standard flight - 260 BGN.

( price per person )


Group flight - 230 BGN.

( price per person, when booking for four or more passengers )


Private (VIP) flight - 780 BGN.

( price for two person, only you are in the basket)


As standard flights lasts about one hour, but may vary slightly, depending on the available landing spots and possible weather changes.  

Shorter or longer flights are possible by arrangement.

Booking and Reservation

If you book the basket only for you ( four passengers or VIP flight), please ask us for a desired date and place.


If you are alone or both of you, we will include you in a flying program and will inform you for possible dates and location, combining you with other passengers in your region.


Group tickets and discounts are made for four or more passengers.


Please fill in the registration form and we will send you an email confirmation within 24 hours. Flight can be requested also by phone.



Gift certificates

You can buy directly a gift voucher, which we will send  by courier or in electronic form, ready to print. This is the best option if you want to offer the activity as a gift and let the participants decide their flying date. The gift certificate is valid six months.


We are offering flights all over the year and the conducting depends mostly on the weather conditions at the current day, so we can announce possible dates, location and availabilities in advance. This information can be found on our website and our Facebook page. Those who already reserved a flight will receive it by phone or email.

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