When was born the human dream of flight? Nobody knows. Most probably, that happened long time ago, even before the known history begins.  People imagined that will fly like a bird, but the dream became true in another way.

Полети с балон - България Unforgettable experience

From the memorable day in the 1783, when the Montgolfier brothers have raised their first balloon over Paris, till today, people continue to admire the elegance and the ease with which one can rise  and float in the sky.  Since then, a lot of time has passed, but still few things exist, which can be compared with the spectacular view of the Earth from a balloon basket. If you want to enjoy the feeling of flying, there is nothing like the splendor of hot air balloon that captures the imagination, as no other flying machine.

 The team of balloon club Aeroact will take you to some of the most picturesque and exciting places in Bulgaria that are fantastic for ballooning - a great way to discover the beauty of country. In any season and with each type of flight you choose, our team of highly experienced pilots will make this one of the most amazing and at the same time peaceful adventures that you can ever experience.



Give yourself а present

Ballooning can be organized  during the entire year, every day, depending on the weather conditions. In order to make it accessible for wide range of people, we offer several types of flights:

Standard flight

One hour flight, with up to four passengers in the basket.  This is a great way to discover the beauty of Bulgaria, flying with your family or friends, to make gift to someone you care about, or if you are on your own - to share the magic of flight with new interesting people and start new friendships.

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If you wish to reserve the basket only for you and your beloved or friends, this type of flight will allow you to select the desired date and location from a variety of possible flying destinations, and enjoy the beauty of ballooning with more intimacy.  A luxury treat and personal attitude with other possible extras.

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Group flight

This type of flight is suitable for tourist groups, team building programs and corporate events. The duration of the flight and the flying destinations are highly flexible while the larger number of passengers contributes to the attractive prices. It is possible to fly with several balloons at the same time – beautiful and memorable adventure for both participants and spectators.

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Adventure flights

Balloon crossing over mountains, flying over difficult and interesting sites, historical and natural phenomenа. Participation in record flights.

If you have ideas like this or want to get involved in some of our projects - contact us for more details.

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Tethered flights and advertising

During these flights, hot air balloon is tied to the ground with ropes, stopping its free departure with the wind. These flights usually are practiced during holidays, festivals, public events and can be used for promotions, corporate parties, birthdays.

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